Human Resources System

Young Shin People

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    01 Respect

    At Young Shin, we respect each other.

    Those who maintain respect for one another while producing the target value
    Those with strong loyalty to the organization and a mindset of sacrifice
    Those who respect each other’s opinions while harmonizing and cooperating with each other

  • 02 Competition

    Young Shin’s people compete with the world.

    People who never stop taking on challenges with a sense of responsibility and determination
    People who strive toward professionalism with confidence and pride in themselves
    People who pursue the management goals and the basis of the company’s vision and mission

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    03 Challenge

    Taking on Challenges

    People who can lead the global market with professionalism and analytic ability
    People with an international sensibility, including open-mindedness and language skills
    People who are able to understand various cultures, with fundamental skills and leadership

Human Resources System