CEO Greeting


From our founding in 1982 until today, we have offered our foreign and domestic clients the highest quality and on-time delivery, contributing not only to the development of the automotive industry but to a richer life for humankind.

In addition, have continued to work tirelessly on product research and development and to invest in our facilities in order to offer the most economical rubber products to respond to the changing auto industry.

Through a technical partnership with Kasei Kogyo during the 1980s, the beginnings of the automotive W/strip industry in Korea, we began applying global standards early on. In December 1999 we became the first Korean company to export automotive door sealer products to the US. We are now securing new growth drivers through business diversification by pursuing even more active exchange of advanced technologies in order to meet opportunities to leap forward as a global leading company.

With a motto of “customer satisfaction management”, we will secure the highest levels of quality and production cost competitiveness to guard our position as a world-leading automotive rubber product producer in both name and fact. Furthermore, we will take the utmost care with each single product, treat even the smallest promises to our customers as important, and work to satisfy our customers with the best products and the highest quality through trust, faith, and diligence. In particular, we are working to execute green management as an environmentally friendly enterprise, while also working to create a society of coexistence through measures like partnerships with our client firms and local volunteer activities.

We promise to put forward a vision for responding to new crises and opportunities for new leaps forward, while establishing a proper human resource model to develop human resources with an international sense as a basis for strengthening our competitiveness as a company, in order to become a company that truly moves our clients.

Heeweon Kang CEO, Young Shin Automotive, Co., Ltd.