Management Philosophy & Vision

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Corporate Concepts

Harmony and Unity
We respect the opinions of each individual and believe that our most valuable resource is harmony with our individual members, who are the foundation for value creation.
Research and Development
We invest 10% of annual sales in research and development to achieve optimized processes and the highest product quality.
Fulfilling Responsibilities
We treat professionalism as basic and execute the tasks we have been entrusted with perfectly.

Corporate Culture

We complete our entrusted tasks with a result-centered mindset.
Each section strives to be the best, with never-ending effort and passion.
We create the best results through mutual respect and trust.

Human Resource Philosophy

We create an organizational structure that allows each member to express their potential to the fullest
and promote creativity and innovative ideas to strengthen our corporate competitiveness.

  • Professionalism
    and professional mindset

  • Human resources with
    an international sensibility

  • Dedicated sense of duty
    and willingness to sacrifice


To become a world-leading automotive component producer,
we pursue continuous technical development and innovation.

  • Global

    We make the world’s highest
    quality of products.

    We use our own superior designs, development, and quality management expertise to produce products that we supply to leading automotive companies worldwide.

  • Trust

    We grow on a foundation of trust
    with our customers, shareholders, and employees.

    Our quality education and quality control systems and internal compensation system create an ecosystem that allows for win-win solutions with our customers, shareholders, and employees alike.

  • Talented people

    We work with talented people.

    We never stop working through investment and compensation to develop our employees into leaders and experts, working continuously to discover human resources with superior capabilities.